The Story of The Stranger (High School Assembly - 50 minutes)

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In a humorous talk to an audience of high school students, Norman Kunc describes what it was like to have cerebral palsy and go to a regular high school. He shares with the students his discovery that he didn't need to hide his disability in order to be liked. Norman generalizes this message and points out that most people believe that they're not good enough as they are, and continuously strive to find a place where they feel they belong. He stresses that it is vital for schools to create a sense of belonging for all students, and especially for those students who are seen as the "strangers" among us. He encourages students and teachers to value their own diversity and to look for the stories in each other. In this way we can actively work together to create schools which are safe and positive places to learn.  

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When The Moon Come Up (Video Presentation- 5 minutes)

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Norman Kunc was born with cerebral palsy,  Although the doctors recommended that he be institutionalized, Norman's parents ignored their advice and took him home.  Norman has received a Masters of Science in Family Therapy and become a well-known disability rights advocate, yet he has always been haunted by what his life might have been like had his parents followed the doctors' advice. 

In a collage of powerful images set to poignant music, Norman Kunc expresses the terror of almost having been incarcerated for life.

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A Credo for Support  (Video Presentation- 5 minutes)  

Credo For Support
(Spoken by members of 
People First  of San Luis Obispo)

I thought the first version was perfect.  This one is even better!..

Nancy Weiss  -
(Former Executive Director of TASH)

This powerful 5 minute video set to music offers a series of suggestions for people who care about and support someone with a disability. It prompts viewers to question the common perceptions of disability, professionalism, and support. Designed for use in presentations, in service, staff training, and orientation programs, this video can be a provocative catalyst for a dialogue on these issues.

5 versions of A Credo For Support
are included on this DVD

  • Text & Music
  • Spoken Text & Music
  • Spanish version (Un Credo de Apoyo)
  • Japanese version
  • People First version
    (words spoken by members of
    People First of San Luis Obisbo)

18" X 24" Poster

Now, for the first time,
people with disabilities are taking
their rightful place as fully contributing citizens. 


The danger is that we
will respond with remediation and benevolence
rather than equity and respect. 

And so, we offer you

A Credo for Support  

Do Not see my disability as the problem.
Recognize that my disability is an attribute.

Do Not see my disability as a deficit.
It is you who see me as deviant and helpless.

Do Not try to fix me because I am not broken. 
Support me.  I can make my contribution to the community in my way.


A Credo for Support
18" X 24" Poster
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