What is Conversations that Matter?

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“Conversatons that Matter” is an online values training website developed by Norman Kunc and Emma Van der Klift consisting of an ever-growing collection of short (5 to 15 minutes) engaging videos of conversations with the leading voices in the fields of community living, disability rights. and disability studies.
2018 Video List

Why did you create Conversations that Matter?
We developed Conversations that Matter because we recognized that service agencies were having an increasingly tough time providing ongoing values training to their staff in the face of dwindling budgets.   So, in response to this, we have tried to provide service agencies with a novel, inexpensive, and effective way of delivering values training to all of their staff.

"Inexpensive?! You mean it's not free?
Conversations that Matter is a subscription-based website but we have tried to make it as inexpensive as possible while still keeping it financially viable. The annual subscription fee is $20.00 per person. This allows the subscriber have unlimited access to the site and watch any video on the site as many times as they like.

Great!  I want to sign up the managers of my agency!
When agencies subscribe to Conversations that Matter, they must sign up all of their staff.

Huh?! Why does an agency have to sign up all of their staff?
We’ve setup the pricing structure in this way because, in developing Conversations that Matter, we wanted to  provide agencies with the ability to provide values training for all of your staff; something that is difficult to do with in house or out of town training events, where typically only some staff are able to attend.
Given this low price point, we do ask that agencies sign up all of your staff.

Where can I learn more?
Visit the Website or watch the video below.